New features 
    ==== CL 12295 ====
    @NEW: add support for new 'exiting' status

    ==== CL 12240 ====
    @NEW: add generic renderThread controls to mantra submission UI

    ==== CL 12362 ====
    @NEW: only enable 'Zip and Open Job Log Dir' if dir exists and is writeable by user.

    ==== CL 12200 ====
    @NEW: add support for Maxwell to maya batch render

    ==== CL 12168 ====
    @NEW: add support for 'auto-submit subsequent jobs' to AfterEffects submission
    UI's, allow user to suppress display of following submission dialogs

    ==== CL 12416 ====
    @FIX: 'KeyError' when selecting a job that has been removed by another user,
    due to local cache data being out of date when 'Refresh' button is set not to
    "clear cache"

    ==== CL 12373 ====
    @FIX: Retrying failed work should automatically unblock instances as well as
    retry complete/failed/killed instances

    ==== CL 12362 ====
    @FIX: only enable 'Job Log Dir...' job context menu items if log dir is accessible

    ==== CL 12345 ====
    @FIX: 3dsMax batch render: support float values for GammaValueIn & GammaValueOut parameters

    ==== CL 12330 ====
    @FIX: appFinder AE movie renders (single-pass, single instance) can't find
    rendered movie file for right-click->View Output

    ==== CL 12324 ====
    @FIX: C4D AppFinder doesn't set C4D version for R15 (or any values other than R14)

    ==== CL 12252 ====
    @FIX: WranglerView user filter loses last value when re-enabled, is blank, user
    has to re-enter or select a name from the pull-down user list

    ==== CL 12248 ====
    @FIX: 'Configure on Supervisor' does not support non-default location of
    central worker configuration file, always saves to the default location.

    ==== CL 12221 ====
    @FIX: remove any trailing slash on the maya project, can cause Maya to simply
    print the help message

    ==== CL 12186 ====
    @FIX: nukeX argument case sensitivity prevents nuke8 jobs from running.

    ==== CL 12166 ====
    @FIX: NameError: global name 'showSubmitDialogs' is not defined

    ==== CL 12100 ====
    @FIX: C4D In-App Win submission doesn't flip fwd-slashes to back-slashes

    Changes in behavior 
    ==== CL 12429 ====
    @CHANGE: Unblocking work should automatically unblock instances

    ==== CL 12181 ====
    @CHANGE: 'Set Defaults' button now auto-saves the preferences and closes the
    submission dialog, no more "Cancel" and file->save prefs

    ==== CL 12134 ====
    @CHANGE: remove the "Use All Cores" widget from 'maya' jobtype submission UI,
    since Maya's renderGlobals "numProcs" value of 0 only seems to be respected by
    the maya software renderer. Instead, show the "specify number of render
    threads" control, allow the user to easily specify the number of threads and
    the submission UI will take care of reserving the correct number of worker



    New features 

    @NEW: resubmission can optionally not raise a window for each job

    @NEW: "Maya --> Qube --> Submit Maya Render Job per layer" is now offered an
    "auto-submit subsequent jobs"checkBox below the Submit button in each
    submission UI when more than 1 layer is present in the scene. Checking this
    box will supress the display of all following jobs for the submission list, and
    can be checked at any point in the submission cycle.

    @NEW: provide help dialogs for job, running instances, and worker search

    @NEW: qube executable's argument --submitDict can now be supplied multiple
    times to allow for the submission of multiple jobs in one pass. All jobs
    submitted belong to the pgrp of the first job.

    @NEW: add 'memusage' column to the running instances view

    @NEW: add "auto-submit MXI merge job" option to Maxwell render submission UI,
    suppresses display of MXI merge job UI

    @NEW: for Maya "job per layer" submissions, if a layer specifies renderable
    cameras, automatically fill in the "cameras" box ZD: 10123

    @NEW: add 'worker_boot_delay' parameter to worker config dialog, not present in
    "configure on supervisor" dialog due to it's being a "bootstrap" parameter that
    can not be applied via the central worker config file

    @NEW: add internal path translation to pyNuke jobtypes, allows for path
    translation to happen at the time the job runs on the worker.

    @NEW: add a "running instance" count to the "Farm Usage" message printed in the
    upper-right of the WV interface.


    @FIX: WranglerView won't start on 32-bit Fedora-8: AttributeError: 'MenuItem'
    object has no attribute 'GetItemLabelText'

    @FIX: properly resubmit pgrp, value needs to be cast as a string

    @FIX: remove QB_CONVERT_PATH from outputPath entries

    @FIX: remove QB_CONVERT_PATH from re-submitted jobs

    @FIX: unable to save external prefs file: KeyError: 'studioDefaultsPrefsFile'

    @FIX: right side of controls hidden behind vertical scroll bar on Windows and
    linux; exhibits in all submission UI's in expert mode, and Maya and some others
    at all times.

    @FIX: skip render layers defined in referenced scenes. ZD: 10010

    @FIX: at startup with user filter enabled, don't show other users running jobs

    @FIX: performance improvement for Performance Charts; avoid unnecessary INNER
    JOIN operation when querying time-based tables, only do it when selecting "all
    dates" or "custom" time frame.

    @FIX: date range selector pull-down does not update other chart tabs when 'Use
    the same date range' is checked and 'Custom' date range is selected

    @FIX: 'retry failed frames' can crash requestQueue when no instances to retry

    @FIX: update workerList and bannedHost tab when a worker is remove via the
    worker context menu

    @FIX: AE submissions don't respect the renderQueue item's renderSettings'
    "custom" frame range values

    @FIX:Allow spaces in Maxwell folder/file names.

    @FIX: worker_drive_map and worker_path_map not correctly saved via "Configure
    local host", format to match API updatelocalconfig expectations

    @FIX: C4D AppUI install missing .tif files, pyHoudini AppUI missing .otl

    @FIX: mysql database repair loops indefintely when a brute-force 'use-frm'
    table repair fails

    Changes in behavior

    @CHANGE: Windows-only: DesktopWorker is now stopped/started by a system tray
    "workertray.exe" utility, and does not run in a cmd prompt. WV Admin worker
    start/stop menu items now manage the workertray utility, which starts the
    worker indirectly

    @CHANGE: remove dependencies between Windows MSI installers, any qube component
    can be installed or uninstalled independent of the others

    @CHANGE: only enable job/instance/frame context menu items if they're valid
    operations based on the job/instance/frame status and the user has the
    necessary permissions to perform the operation; disable "blocked" for blocked,
    failed, killed, complete jobs, only enable "unblocked" for blocked jobs, etc.

    @CHANGE: automatically set the job's requirement if a job 'kind' is specified

    @COSMETIC: show the job 'kind' in the main job properties tab if present

    @CHANGE: mentalray verbosity now defaults to 5 (Progress & Info), instead of no
    default value





    New features 

    @NEW: add support for Adobe's Creative Cloud 'CC' version numbering scheme

    @NEW: add 'refresh' menu item to runningInstance context menu

    @NEW: "refresh selected" in Running Instances view is now active, will refresh data for selected jobs

    @NEW: add "selected" count to job list, display is under user pref control

    @NEW: add "kind" control to job requirements browser, make it a bit simpler to use the job "kind" attribute

    @NEW: user filter populates from list of job users

    @NEW: display 'Pending Reasons' for running jobs with pending instances

    @NEW: Useability improvement: add "filter jobs/workers" and "select instance" menu items to Worker context menus, takes the user from the Worker view to the Running Instances or Jobview

    @NEW: Useability improvement: add "filter jobs/workers" and "select instance/worker" menu items to Running Instances context menus, takes the user from the Running Instances view to the Job or Worker view

    @NEW: add "view last X lines of log" for Help->View workerlog & supelog, linecount X is set in the prefs.

    @NEW: enable/disable debug logging from the Help menu

    @NEW: Prompt to "Enable worker autostart as Service / Logon User?" when starting Desktop Worker or service from Admin->Worker->Start if not already set to auto-start

    New MAXWELL features

    @NEW: Maxwell - add "MXI Cleanup" option to mximerge job

    @NEW: Maxwell - add "Aspect Ratio" read-only field, so user can verify the (optionally) entered image resolution is the correct a/s

    @NEW: Maxwell - add license-related messages from Maxwell to highlights regular expression (not necessarily errors, but messages that need attention)

    @NEW: Maxwell - show calculated aspect ratio when user overrides Maxwell render resolution

    @NEW: Maxwell - add missing MXS or license error strings to error regular expressions

    @NEW: Maxwell - expose 'mxi cleanup' checkbox in Maxwell render submission, sets the mxi cleanup control in subsequent mximerge job

    @NEW: Maxwell - link 'Coop Total SL' to 'SamplingLevel' if doing Coop renders: CoopTotalSL is hidden by default, but will change to match value of SamplingLevel when users changes SL value. More intuitive usage.


    @FIX: don't save path to StudioDefaults or StudioOverrides in the external Prefs file

    @FIX: prefs dialog often displays too low on screen, lower portion if off-screen

    @FIX: should not be able to set a "specific thread count" when "Use All Cores" is checked, disable the threadCount control when "Use All Cores" is checked

    @FIX: add 'Auto-set rd" checkbox to add -rd flag to mentalray batch render jobs

    @FIX: catch case where running on headless nodes, GUI crashes when clicking on job state filter buttons

    @FIX: fix "selected" behavior in running instances view, keeps re-selecting the incorrect instance.

    @FIX: catch various cases where elapsedTime or avgTime calculations return negative values

    @FIX: error "widgetName not implemented in worker config management dialog" raised when trying to save any "directory" type parameters in "configure on supervisor" dialog: worker_logmode, worker_template_path

    @FIX: C4D AppFinder jobs should not be dispatched to linux hosts

    @FIX: pending reasons not shown until view is refreshed

    @FIX: Maxwell mximerge simpleCmd module missing from release build

    @FIX: path to rendered frame is double-quoted, can't be opened from context menus

    @FIX: Retry frame/instance value is stripped at resubmission

    @FIX: "display config" doesn't include proxy_* values on a worker

    @FIX: subprocess module raises "WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified" error when submitting an C4D AppFinder job from Windows.

    @FIX: job environment is truncated upon resubmission if it exceeds the default number of rows in the environment widget

    @FIX: Intemittent "IndexError: list index out of range" error when Refresh->clearCache from stale items in jobList

    @FIX: "running users" column in worker view is empty when user filter in job view is not blank

    @FIX: jobs calculate % done incorrectly when agenda has failed frames until job is selected, display correct value after that

    @FIX: Retrying a frame or instance does not update job's displayed status to pending in GUI, despite it actually being pending

    @FIX:Fix issue where MySql connection issues cause application to crash while writing debug logs.

    @FIX: add in missing fields for user job limit paramters: supervisor_default_user_subjob_limit, supervisor_default_pgrp_subjob_limit, supervisor_user_subjob_limits, supervisor_pgrp_subjob_limits

    @FIX: added code to "generate movie" jobs, to support frame ranges that don't start at 1 with conversions using ffmpeg

    @FIX: also added a leading "." to the movie_ext choice strings, which is required. ZD: 9745

    @FIX: cached log files should be world-writeable, so other users can clean them up

    @FIX: C4d - don't pass in '-threads' arg is threadCount is 0, causes issues with C4D

    @FIX: jobs not belonging to the same pgrp displaying when filtering by pgrp; don't use glob-style matching for job id's and pgrp's

    @FIX: Lock/Schedule does not raise a schedule windows, does not lock host

    @FIX: wait for Desktop Worker to completely shut down on OSX

    @FIX: on a supervisor with a hostname of "supervisor", the WV gui cannot restart the supervisor service; it will stop it, but never detect it's stopped.

    Changes in behavior 

    @CHANGE: Maxwell - expose 'Co-op SL' as non-expert control

    @CHANGE: only run 1 aerender job at a time on a worker while allowing other jobs to be accepted, uses 'kind' attribute

    @CHANGE: refesh and fetch all jobs when disabling the user filter when using SQL query, now consistent with API query behavior

    @CHANGE: suppress logging of "Table '320qube.41040work' doesn't exist" MySQL messages, MySQL error code 1146

    @CHANGE: full worker locking / unlocking no longer raises a confirmation dialog

    @COSMETIC: change wording of "job info for id x invalid" warning message.

    @COSMETIC: re-word partial locking worker context menu items to be less ambiguous





    New features 

    @NEW: add "Display Supervisor Configuration" menu item to WranglerView -> Admin menu

    @NEW: add cumulative time and "allocated slots" columns

    @NEW: unified Maya In-App installer, installs entire Maya->Qube menu, contains: maya, mayaBatch, appFinder, jobArchive submitters

    @NEW: In-App submitter for AppFinder MayaBatch

    @NEW: add support for job tags to performance charts

    @NEW: add support for new "Job Tags" feature; show, shot, seq, client, dept, and custom[1-5].

    @NEW: Add Maya, mental ray standalone, and SI 2014 support

    @NEW: add support for real-time log parsing and progess percentages to job instances for non-agenda-based jobtypes, currently only supported by python-based jobtypes

    @NEW: add 3ds Max 2014 support

    @NEW: add new supervisor_default_hostorder parameter to supervisor config dialog

    @NEW: label text for worker parameter widget changes colour to indicate a value which will be saved

    @NEW: provide support for worker-side OS-specific environment variables (pre-OS MAXWELL2_ROOT, etc)

    @NEW: add support for Maxwell's "resume rendering" option, implements checkpointing with the '-trytoresume' flag

    @NEW: additional info added to log highlights regular expressions, showing number of threads, sampling level reached, target SL

    @NEW: added "TIF Alpha" option to 3dsmax submission.

    @NEW: add cross-platform support to Maxwell Coop rendering, can use worker_path_map to find maxwell/mximerge executables

    @NEW: add column to jobList and Frames tab to display total images rendered; total includes mulitple layers per frame

    @NEW: adding Maxwell Cooperative Rendering support.

    @NEW: adding mximerge (Maxwell) simpleCmd submission interface.

    @NEW: added "Submit Job per Layer" to Maya->Qube menu which allows each render layer to be submitted as an individual job, with its own frame range, etc.

    @NEW: a new interface for configuring multiple workers and writing out the qbwrk.conf


    @FIX: properly support worker_path_map and worker_drive_map in new qbwrk.conf configuration dialog

    @FIX: properly indicate when the value for a given parameter varies between workers, even if it's not defined for a worker but defined for others

    @FIX: support greater than 5 mapping definitions for worker_path_map and worker_drive_map

    @FIX: add "convert_path" flag to client_ and supervisor_job_flags control

    @FIX: default value in config UI for worker_max_threads was 8, now 256

    @FIX: "Confgure on Supervisor" worker menu item is only enabled if user has the qube "admin" privilege AND is on the supervisor

    Changes in behavior

    @CHANGE: use pyCmdrange/pyCmdline jobtypes now for real-time log parsing, provides feedback in log highlights tab for SL reached while job is running

    @CHANGE: don't auto-kill the mxiMerge job when the render is killed

    @CHANGE: don't auto-populate the mxiMerge executable value, have user set in the defaults (necessary for cross-platform)

    @CHANGE: always use -node and -idcpu args to the render, add callbacks to kill merge if render is killed

    @CHANGE: changed worker journal filename to "worker.jnl" from "worker6.jnl" to reflect change in the worker

    @COSMETIC: group commonly-used Maxwell render controls together at top of submission UI (coop, resume, sampling, time)

    @COSMETIC: all checkbox lists from "Choices" buttons are now sorted alphabetically



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