Highlighted 6.5 Features and Changes

    Added Autodesk 2014 support

    Added Maxwell Cooperative Renderering and merging, including checkpointing ("resume render")

    Added "submit job per render layer" for Maya renders

    Added support for new "Job Tags" feature; show, shot, seq, client, dept, and custom[1-5]: columns in job list, searchable, and available in the Performance Charts view.

    Added 3 new columns:

    • "Slots Allocated ": expose how many slots a "1+" or "1-4" host.processors reservation is allocated at run-time, resets to 0 once instance stops running
    • "CPU-Minutes": cumulative time - retried frames will accumulate this time, the run-time is multiplied by the number of allocated slots, so a job instance which is allocated 3 slots and runs for 60 seconds will show 180 cpu-minutes
    • "images": display total images rendered and available to view in Output tab, total includes mulitple layers per frame
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