What's New in Qube 8.0

    The NEW Qube! UI

    Version 7.5-0 is very much focused on the production release of the new Qube! UI. Read further below about all of the new updates, features, and functionality you can look forward to in this release. Here are some of the other updates to the Qube! core.

    Also to see a list of known issues associated with Qube! 7.5-0 at time of release, visit this Knowledge Base page.

    Python 3 Support


    Python 3 is required for Qube! 7.5-0 installation

    Version 7.5-0 also includes a new Python 3 API


    Updated Installer

    The Qube! Installer has been updated to version 4.0-3.

    You can see the list of updates to the installer included in 4.0-3 and download the latest version of Qube! on our website.

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