What's New in Qube 6.10

    Online Performance Reports


    Online performance reporting is only available on Linux platforms in 6.10-0, and support for Windows and OS X will be added in later versions.

    Accessible through the metered licensing website, we introduce Online Performance Reporting, by-the-minute charting that provide users with actionable data on how their Supervisors are doing at any given time. With an initial focus on operations and stability, the graphs will reveal site stress, distribution rates and other data points that help wranglers reallocate and troubleshoot.



    Online License Keys

    Perpetual license keys created for Qube! 6.10 and after will now be downloaded via the metered licensing website. Additional information on license history and total worker numbers is also available, with more management features planned for the future. 

    Refer to the License Key Management documentation for more details.


    Microsoft Azure Beta Integration

    During the beta release of this feature in Qube! 6.10-0, users will have command line access to Microsoft Azure, allowing them to start and stop cloud nodes from within Qube!. Plans for Azure node management through ArtistView are underway.


    Clarisse Renderer Support

    Clarisse renders can now be dispatched from within Qube! via command line, in app, and load once job submissions.


    Updated Shotgun Integration

    The integrated Shotgun user interface has undergone several minor improvements:

    • Qube! Images to Movie submission will pull in specific data from Shotgun
    • the movie upload script has been updated, fixing a major bug that prevented automated movie uploading to the professional project management tool


    Partner Licensing Daemon

    This helper Daemon will be the foundation for future cloud service provider integrations.


    The Data Relay Agent (DRA) will be replacing the Metered License Agent (MLA)

    As part of the Online Performance reports, the Data Relay agent can also take over the worker license usage reporting that was previously performed by the Metered License Agent.  We will be phasing out the MLA and replacing it with the DRA on any platform that supports the System Metrics Collectors.  In 6.10-0, this means only on Linux, but Windows and OSX will also see the MLA replaced by the DRA in future versions.


    C4D Take System

    Available only in ArtistView, Qube! now supports submission for the Cinema 4D Take System.


    EXR Support in Modo

    Create one job submission per EXR layer from Modo.


    Deferred Table Creation is now the default behavior

    Added as an option in a previous version of Qube!, this optimization for submitting a large number of jobs simultaneously will be on by default starting with 6.10-0.


    Job Modification

    Modifications made to jobs will now run multi-threaded as opposed to running single threaded as they did in previous versions of Qube!, and additional verbosity will be available in logs for jobs that were modified.


    New Linux Platform Support

    Added support for CentOS 7.3.

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