@RELEASE: 6.10-0


    ==== CL 18422 ====
    @UPDATE: Shotgun API from v3.0.1 to v3.0.32
    @CHANGE: images_to_movie.py - simplified options and syntax
    @CHANGE: qube_imagesToMovie.py - simplified options and syntax
    @CHANGE: simplecmd.py - Add "Upload Movie" option to Shotgun parameters
    @CHANGE: shotgun_submitVersion.py - fixed movie upload functionality, general code cleanup

    ==== CL 18356 ====
    @FIX: QBDIR set to null-string in job runtime environment

    JIRA: QUBE-2611

    ==== CL 18351 ====
    @CHANGE: background helper thread improvements

    * limit the number of workers that are potentially recontacted by the background helper routine to 50 per iteration.

    * background thread exits and refreshes after running for approximately 1 hour, as opposed to 24 hours

    ZD: 17124

    ==== CL 18340 ====
    @FIX: allow special characters in job name field at submissions

    JIRA: QUBE-2748

    ==== CL 18324 ====
    @CHANGE: output of "qbadmin s -config" and "qbadmin w -config hostname" now sorted alphabetically.

    JIRA: QUBE-2654

    ==== CL 18285 ====
    @FIX: add better error-checks in cmdrange jobtype's log-parsing code, in case the log file is not readable.

    In some situations, fseek() was causing crashes in the parseFileStream() routine.

    ZD: 17442

    ==== CL 18221 ====
    @FIX: prevent "host.processors" to be unset when jobs are modified.

    JIRA: QUBE-2649

    ==== CL 18185 ====
    @CHANGE: make deferred table creation ON by default for all submissions via the APIs (C++: qbsubmit() , Python: qb.submit())

    JIRA: QUBE-2603

    ==== CL 18157 ====
    @FIX: shortened the timeout for "qbreportwork" when it reports a "failed" work that has migrate_on_frame_retry from 600 seconds to 20.

    This was causing long 10-minute pauses on the job instance when a frame
    fails after exhausting all of its retry counts.

    Original change was made in CL17206, for QUBE-2202/ZD16553.

    ZD: 17447

    ==== CL 18147 ====
    @FIX: Windows worker wouldn't properly release automounted drives at the end of running a job instance

    ZD: 17400

    ==== CL 18107 ====
    @FIX: memory leak in a DB-querying supervisor routine.

    ==== CL 18001 ====
    @FIX: Pytnon API's qb.ping(asDict=True) was broken when metered licensing was unauthorized, because of the minus sign

    ==== CL 17984 ====
    @CHANGE: add description of "disable_submit_check" flag to qb.conf.template comment

    JIRA: QUBE-2560

    ==== CL 17982 ====
    @CHANGE: Python API: license_provider_name and license_provider_key added to data returned by qb.hostinfo()

    JIRA: QUBE-2549

    ==== CL 17944 ====
    @CHANGE: Disable the two free worker licenses for any Qube installation.

    JIRA: QUBE-2554

    ==== CL 17942 ====
    @FIX: Some agenda item's "timestart" field doesn't reset when they are killed and then later retried.

    JIRA: QUBE-2555

    ==== CL 17938 ====
    @CHANGE: added verbosity in log entries about jobs that are "modified"

    JIRA: QUBE-1473

    ==== CL 17898 ====
    @NEW: add "no_defaults" job flag support to Python API files

    JIRA: QUBE-2365

    ==== CL 17897 ====
    @NEW: add no_defaults job flag, which tells the system to bypass the supervisor_job_flags.

    If a job is submitted with no_defaults set in the job flag, the supervisor will NOT apply supervisor_job_flags.

    JIRA: QUBE-2365

    ==== CL 17889 ====
    @CHANGE: job queries requesting for subjob and/or work details now must explicitly provide job IDs.

    Both qbjobinfo() C++ and qb.jobinfo() Python APIs now reject such submissions and return an error.

    For example, the Python call "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True)" will raise a runtime exception. It must be now called like "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True, id=12345)" or "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True, id=[1234,5678])"

    JIRA: QUBE-244

    ==== CL 17863 ====
    @FIX: Qube language callback command "mail-status" wasn't working properly, setting the smtp "TO" field to an incorrect string.

    ==== CL 17858 ====
    @FIX: qb.deleteworkerproperties() and qb.deleteworkerresources() fn should return an error when used with the wrong 2nd arg (must be a list)

    ZD: 16932
    JIRA: QUBE-2381

    ==== CL 17856 ====
    @FIX: misleading "invalid key" error message in supelog when supervisor_max_metered_licenses set to 0

    JIRA: QUBE-2397

    ==== CL 17821 ====
    @FIX: data warehouse worker table updates throttled to a single record at a time when multiple workers simultaneously change their defined slot counts

    ==== CL 17797 ====
    @FIX: ignore any ethernet interface with "virutal" in its description when detecting the primary MAC address on Windows.

    ZD 17072

    ==== CL 17790 ====
    @FIX: issue where the background helper thread frequently sends 2 or more update requests (QB_MESSAGE_REQUEST_UPDATE) to a single "questionable" worker (i.e., one that has missed enough heartbeats, and potentially down) at once.

    ZD: 17124

    ==== CL 16491 ====
    @NOTES:Add support for AfterEffects point release scheme (2015.3)

    ==== CL 17763 ====
    Supervisor and worker now use correct startup scripts for CentOS 7+, untested yet on CentOS 6.

    ==== CL 17744 ====
    @CHANGE: Add a third paramter, "user", to Custom Policy's qb_approve_modify() routine, so the policy script can allow/disallow modification to a job based on the user name of the requestor.

    For example, the routine can now allow certain users to only change priority between 7000 and 8000.

    Note that ordinary users are still only allowed to modify his/her own jobs, while admins are allowed to modify anybody's jobs in any way, and are NOT subject to the "approve modify" custom policy routine.

    With user groups defined (via "qbusers"), group admins are allowed to modify any job within its group. In that case, the "approve modify" routine does come into play.

    JIRA: QUBE-2277

    ==== CL 17737 ====
    @NEW: add 'pgrp' to job data stored in the data warehouse job_fact table.

    ==== CL 17735 ====
    @FIX: badlogin jobs can't be retried or killed (previously fixed in CL15011, but regressed)

    JIRA: QUBE-642
    ZD: 12699, 17010

    ==== CL 17696 ====
    @UPDATE: add explanation for "deferTableCreation" to the python qb.submit() API routine.

    JIRA: QUBE-2400

    ==== CL 17692 ====
    @FIX: another memory leak plugged in the startHost()-related routine, startQualifiedJobsOnHost(). This was causing successful itereations of startHost() (i.e., an instance was dispatched to a worker) to cause memory bloats. Among other places, it was affecting the background helper thread (when it does the "requeuing host" routine.

    JIRA: QUBE-2382

    ==== CL 17649 ====
    @FIX: memory leak in preemption code, especially when preemption policy is set to passive or is disabled by the algorithm.

    QUBE: JIRA-2382

    ==== CL 17634 ====
    @FIX: memory leak in one of the host-triggered dispatch routines
    startQualifiedJobsOnHost(), which is called from startHost().

    Among other things, this was bloating the memory usage inside the helper
    routine running in a background thread/process (cleanermain()).

    JIRA: QUBE-2382
    ZD: 16952

    ==== CL 17610 ====
    @FIX: memory corruption that would cause python or perl to crash when the function was called inside jobs.

    JIRA: QUBE-2389

    ==== CL 17595 ====
    @FIX: fixed memory leak in QbPack::store() and storeXML() methods, which were causing, among other things, supervisor threads to bloat when processing large job submissions

    JIRA: QUBE-2382

    ==== CL 17594 ====
    @FIX: plugged a potential memory leak in QbDaemon communication code, affecting all server (supervisor, worker) programs

    JIRA: QUBE-2382

    ==== CL 17593 ====
    @FIX: plugged memory leak in dispatch code

    JIRA: QUBE-2382

    ==== CL 17592 ====
    @FIX: plugged potential memory leak in user permission-check routine, specifically in the group-access check code

    JIRA: QUBE-2382

    ==== CL 17566 ====
    @NEW: qbwrk.conf loading optimization (and thus "qbadmin w -reconfig" speed up) by explictly listing template names and non-existing hostnames in the new [global_config] section

    * added [global_config] section to the qbwrk.conf file, and allow new config parameters "templates" to list all qbwrk.conf template section names, and "non_existent" to list all non-existent hostnames

    * supe skips ip-address resolution for all section names included in "templates" and "non_existent", and all reserved names, i.e.: "global_config", "default", "linux", "osx", and "winnt", thus speeding up the loading of qbwrk.conf file, which in turn speeds up supervisor boot time and "qbadmin w -reconfig" operation.

    JIRA: QUBE-2346

    ==== CL 17540 ====
    @CHANGE: removed unnecessary submit-time check/rejection of omithosts and omitgroups.

    ZD: 16907, 16908
    JIRA: QUBE-2366

    ==== CL 17450 ====
    @INTEG: rel-6.9 -> main
    @FIX: directory deletion during log cleanup can fail if the supervisor is updating the job history file at the same time

    ==== CL 17449 ====
    @FIX: directory deletion during log cleanup can fail if the supervisor is updating the job history file at the same time

    ==== CL 17435 ====
    @FIX: supervisor process handling a qbping request should always reread the license file before replying

    There was a code path that instructs the supe thread to force-read the
    license file, but the read was not happening under certain conditions; the
    code was returning the old cached data if available, or the default count
    of 2 if the cache isn't available.

    * add a few more informational lines to print to the supelog at license

    JIRA: QUBE-2317

    ==== CL 17422 ====
    @FIX: make formatting and object instantiation compatible with Python 2.6

    ==== CL 17416 ====
    @FIX: remove unnecessary error message in the schema upgrade routine

    JIRA: QUBE-2283

    ==== CL 17414 ====
    @CHANGE: Add more text to describe the subtle yet significant difference between "retry" and "requeue" Python API routines

    JIRA: QUBE-2049

    ==== CL 17403 ====
    @FIX: jobs with status "registering" appears when submissions are rejected due to incorrect requirements specifications

    ZD: 16408
    JIRA: QUBE-2034

    ==== CL 17402 ====
    @FIX: intermittent bug where some supe threads won't properly read the supervisor license key from qb.lic

    * add warning message to print to supelog when the license file reader
    returns zero-length data

    ZD: 16828
    JIRA: QUBE-2317

    ==== CL 17399 ====
    @CHANGE: MSI no longer starting the worker service, qubeInstaller will start if required

    ==== CL 17390 ====
    @FIX: post-flight should only be run when qbreportwork() is invoked with an agenda-item with terminal-state

    JIRA: QUBE-2032
    ZD: 16412

    ==== CL 17376 ====
    @FIX: Triggers incorrectly executing multiple times

    When a composite (i.e, using && or ||) trigger is specified for a job's callback, such as "done-job-job1 && done-job-job2",
    the callback would erroneously get run multiple times.

    ZD: 16282
    JIRA: QUBE-1881

    ==== CL 17375 ====
    @INTERNAL: remove even more left-over files from initial metered license tracking

    ==== CL 17374 ====
    @INTERNAL: remove even more left-over files from initial metered license tracking

    ==== CL 17373 ====
    @INTERNAL: remove more left-over files from initial metered license tracking, where db was local to each machine

    ==== CL 17369 ====
    @FIX: issue introduced in 6.9 where requestwork() jobtype backend routine will crash when frame padding is 40 or greater.

    Python jobtype backend, in particular, was found to crash during a call to
    the API routine qb.requestwork(), with a "*** stack smashing detected ***:"
    error message and a backtrace.

    ZD: 16759
    JIRA: QUBE-2318

    ==== CL 17290 ====
    @TWEAK: license-reading routine prints the total license count to the supelog

    JIRA: QUBE-2003

    ==== CL 17289 ====
    @TWEAK: "ping" handler to print out more info to supelog

    Every "qbping" will print out something like the following supelog now:

    [Nov 18, 2016 16:25:55] shinyambp[11662]: INFO: responded to ping request from []: 6.9-0 bld-custom osx - - host - 0/11 unlimited licenses (metered=0/0) - mode=0 (0)

    JIRA: QUBE-2002

    ==== CL 17286 ====
    @NEW: exposed Python's qb.admincommand() API routine, and add support for "reverify"

    ---- Sample Usage ----

    cmd = {}
    cmd['workers'] = ["shinyambp"] # optional

    ret = qb.admincommand(cmd);
    if(ret == None) :
    print "ERROR: qb.admincommand() returned None";
    print "INFO: successfully sent admin order";


    JIRA: QUBE-2159

    ==== CL 17285 ====
    @NEW: add support for "reverify" in Perl's qb::admincommand() API routine

    ---- Sample Usage ----

    my $command =
    "workers" => ["shinyambp"] # optional;
    my $result = qb::admincommand($command);
    if(not defined($result)) {
    print STDERR "ERROR: qb::admincommand() returned undef\n";
    } else {
    print "INFO: successfully sent admin order\n";


    JIRA: QUBE-2159

    ==== CL 17281 ====
    @NEW: add 'qbadmin w -reverify [worker,...]' option to force the supervisor to reverify workers' license provider info.

    JIRA: QUBE-2159

    ==== CL 17231 ====
    @FIX: disabled verbose option for logging libcurl actions

    ==== CL 17208 ====
    @CHANGE: Popluate the subjob (instance) objects with more data (like status), and not just the IDs, when subjob info is requested via "qbhostinfo" (qb.hostinfo(subjobs=True) for python API)

    Previously, only jobid, subid, and host info (name, address, macaddress)
    were filled. Now, things like "status", "timestart", "allocations",
    etc. are properly filled in.

    JIRA: QUBE-2073
    ZD: 16541

    ==== CL 17206 ====
    @FIX: When "migrate_on_frame_retry" job flag is set, prevent backend from doing further processing (especially another requestwork()) after a work failed

    This was causing race-conditions that will get agenda items to be stuck in
    "retrying" state, while there are no instances processing them.

    Now the reportwork() API routine is modified so that if it's invoked to
    report that a work "failed", and the "migrate_on_frame_retry" is set on the
    job, it will stop processing (does a long sleep), and let the worker/proxy
    do the process clean up.

    JIRA: QUBE-2202
    ZD: 16553

    ==== CL 17199 ====
    @NEW: add "auto_remove" worker_flag, which indicates to the supervisor that this worker should be automatically removed when it goes "down"

    JIRA: QUBE-1058

    ==== CL 17198 ====
    @NEW: add Partner Licensing support to supervisor

    JIRA: QUBE-1911, QUBE-1912, QUBE-1913, QUBE-1914, QUBE-1915

    ==== CL 17186 ====
    @FIX: "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter" now when daemons (supe, worker) try to pick a primary mac address

    JIRA: QUBE-2149
    ZD: 16561

    ==== CL 17182 ====
    @CHANGE: all classes that inherit from QbObject print as a regular dictionary, no longer have a __repr__ which prints the job data as a single flat string
    @NEW: add qb.validatejob() function to python API, help find malformed jobs that crash the user interfaces

    ==== CL 17141 ====
    @FIX: Any job submitted from within a running job picks up the pgrp of the submitting job

    By design, if the submission environment has QBGRPID and QBJOBID set, the
    API's submission routine will set the job's pgrp and pid, respectively to
    the values specified in the environment variables.

    One couldn't override this "inheritance" behavior even by explicitly
    specifying "pgrp" or "pid" in the job being submitted, for instance with
    the "-pgrp" command-line option of qbsub.

    Fixed, so that setting "pgrp" to 0 on submission means that the job should
    generate its own pgrp instead of inheriting it from the environment.

    JIRA: QUBE-2141
    ZD: 16545

    ==== CL 17101 ====
    @NEW: add "-dying" and "-registering" options to qbjobs.
    @CHANGE: also add dying and registering jobs to the "-active" filter.

    JIRA: QUBE-2091
    ZD: 16469

    ==== CL 17083 ====
    @FIX: Python API: qbping(asDict=True) crashes when used against older (pre-6.9) supe

    Among other things, this was causing WV to crash and AV to note an
    exception (but not crash) when starting up with an older supervisro.

    JIRA: QUBE-2084


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