When selecting a job in any Jobs Panel, information about that job's instances is filled into the Instances Panel. The Instances Panel doesn't update automatically, double click on the job to refresh the list. Selecting an instance affects other panels, for example the Stdout and Stderr Log Panels load the output and error for that instance respectively. 

    Right-clicking on an instance allows you to perform the following actions.

    • Select worker: Display the Workers Panel and select the worker than ran this instance.
    • Block: Stop this instance from processing work and set its state to "blocked".  This instance will not process any more work until it is manually unblocked or the job is retried.
    • Unblock: Remove a block from an instance.
    • Complete: Mark this instance as complete.
    • Interrupt: Stop this instance from processing any more work, but set its state back to "pending".  As with a job's "interrupt" this is typically done to manually free up resources that could be used by higher priority jobs.
    • Migrate: Stop this instance and set its state back to "pending".  Default supervisor settings dictate that the next time this instance starts, it will start on a different machine.
    • Retry: Restart this instance, regardless of its current state.
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