XSI Specific Parameters


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    The path to the XSI scene file. This is a required field for submission. Make sure the path is accessible by the Workers.

    XSI Version
    Select or manually enter the Softimage/XSI version to be used on the Workers.

    Choose or list the comma-separated passes to render. These are named in your XSI scene.

    Output Dir
    The output directory for images. Make sure this location is accessible by the Workers.

    Render Mode
    Override the scene file's render mode. The default is "render".

    Xsibatch Executable
    The explicit path to xsibatch executable (optional) on the Workers. Be aware that if you are submitting from one OS to a different one, the path will be different for the Workers.

    Choose the level of detail you would like the logs to provide.

    Frame Timeout
    Kill subjobs if a frame runs longer than this value (in seconds).

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