Nuke Specific Parameters


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    Nuke Version
    Select version numbers and the Worker OS to use.

    Nuke path
    Explicit path to Nuke executable. Because this path is set here, Qube! cannot run Nuke jobs on more than one OS in the same submission.

    load NukeX
    Choose a NukeX license instead of a Nuke one. NukeX has more features but is a different license, so you may not want to use those licenses for this submission. Or you may be using features that require NukeX.

    The Nuke script to execute. This is filled in for you if you are submitting from Nuke itself. The script and all its dependent files should be accessible to any Worker that will pick up this job.


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    execute views
    List of views in the Nuke script to execute. This is a comma-separated list, e.g. left,right

    execute nodes
    Execute only the named node. The default is to (do what?). Execute on the specified node. These are named in your nuke script

    script args
    All words between the script name and the frame ranges can be used by [argv n] expressions to provide changing arguments to the script. Each must start with a non-digit to avoid confusion with frame ranges. Explanation and example needed

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    This overrides the anamorphic setting in the Nuke script.

    cache size
    Override the Nuke script cache size settings. The size is given in bytes, or you can add k, M, G, or T to specify larger units of measure.

    Force Nuke to use an interactive license. Default is to run with -t and just use a render license.

    linear transfer
    Apply a linear transfer to the images as they are read.

    Set threads to n. This field is generally set for you if you set the Specific Thread Count in the earlier dialog section.

    proxy mode
    Turn on proxy mode.

    Set quiet mode. This suppresses the printing of various messages from Nuke.

    stack size
    Sets the minimum stack size for each thread in bytes. Defaults to 16777216 (16MB). The smallest allowed value is 1048576 (1MB).

    Verbosity level. Choose the level of detail you would like the logs to provide.

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