Parameters Specific to CINEMA 4D

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    Cinema4D Version
    Allows the job to find the right version of CINEMA 4D executable on each Worker. Defaults to the version of CINEMA 4D that the job was launched from.

    C4D path
    The default "_C4D_" allows Qube! to automatically discover the path to the CINEMA 4D executable on the Worker. This should not be changed, but you could enter an explicit path to the executable if desired.

    Browse or enter manually the location of the scene file to be rendered. This is a required field for submission

    Important: Best practice is to ensure the scene file and all of its dependent files such as textures are on network storage accessible by the workers.

    Overrides the Regular Image File output setting in the C4D render settings.

    Overrides the Multi-Pass Image File output setting in the C4D render settings.

    Overrides the output format specified in the C4D scene file.  Important: when choosing the output format be aware that extensions such as .MOV or .AVI can not be distributed across the farm. Please select an image sequence based format such as .TIF etc

    Overrides the output resolution specified in the C4D scene file. Specified as <width> <height>, e.g. 800 600

    Specify the number of threads to use for rendering (specifying 0 means the instance uses all cores).

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