Let's say you've got a server called "server," and on this server you keep a maya directory with projects in them. Let's call the project "default," a and the scenefile "myscene.mb."

    So if you want to use UNC, this is what it might look like:

    Project: \\server\maya\projects\default

    Render: \\server\maya\projects\default\images

    Scene: \\server\maya\projects\default\scenes\myscene.mb

    This is what you'd need to submit a job. Alas, on the Mac side, it won't make sense.

    First, you need to mount the drive using NFS or SMB. We leave that as an exercise, but what you should end up with is something like this (the underlying structure is what matters, so you can have the mount be whatever):

    Project: /Volumes/maya/projects/default

    Render: /Volumes/maya/projects/default/images

    Scene: /Volumes/maya/projects/default/scenes/myscene.mb

    Now you need to create a symlink so the path to server will work (you'll need to do this a root or sudo user on each Worker):

    mkdir /server
    ln -s /Volumes/maya /server/maya

    So if you do an 'ls' of /server/maya, you should see projects.

    One small change to how you submit, and you should be good to go:

    Project: //server/maya/projects/default

    Render: //server/maya/projects/default/images

    Scene: //server/maya/projects/scenes/myscene.mb

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