Custom Policy implementation is done using a script file plug-in written in Perl.

    The following qb.conf parameters must be set appropriately:

    supervisor_policy_binding = Perl

    supervisor_policy_library = path_to_script

    To create a new custom supervisor policy, the developer must create a Perl module with the following Perl subroutines:

    1. qb_init()
    2. qb_approve_modify($oldjob, $newjob, $user)
    3. qb_approve_submit($job)
    4. qb_calcstatus($subjobstatus, $agendastatus)
    5. qb_sudo_admin($username, $job)

    A function, if not defined will, automatically be overridden with the "Default Policy".

    Here are details on each subroutine.

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