QubeLocker is a small application for locking and unlocking slots on an artist's workstation.

    1. Minimize: QBLocker will run from your system tray, leaving valuable screen real estate to other applications.
    2. Machine and Current Jobs: This displays the hostname and list of the jobs your machine is running 
    3. Slider: A slider to determine how many slots you would like to lock or unlock 
    4. Slots details: The amount of slots your machine currently has available to Qube!
    5. Buttons:
      1. Purge: 
        Refresh: Updates your machines status 
        1. Checked: will kill the jobs that are currently running on your machine 
        2. Unchecked: Will wait for the currently running jobs to finish before making the slots available/locked
      2. Apply: Applies the selected slider settings 
      3. Ok: Confirms and minimize qubelocker 
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