Looks like your account isn't set up to include the maya bin directory in the PATH environment. Make sure you set up the MAYA_LOCATION as well.

    If your shell is /bin/bash put the following in your $HOME/.profile:

    export QBDIR=/Applications/pfx/qube
    export ALIAS_LOCATION=/Applications/Alias
    export MAYA_LOCATION=$ALIAS_LOCATION/maya7.0/Maya.app/Contents
    export PATH=$QBDIR/bin:$QBDIR/sbin:$MAYA_LOCATION/bin:$PATH

    On csh/tcsh, the following into your $HOME/.cshrc or $HOME/.tcshrc:

    setenv QBDIR /Applications/pfx/qube
    setenv ALIAS_LOCATION /Applications/Alias
    setenv MAYA_LOCATION $ALIAS_LOCATION/maya7.0/Maya.app/Contents
    setenv PATH $QBDIR/bin:$QBDIR/sbin:$MAYA_LOCATION/bin:$PATH
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