This is from a recent conversation with MAXON North American Sales, is presented for informational purposes only, and is subject to change without notice from MAXON.  You must contact your MAXON reseller for confirmed pricing.


    • All users of C4D have to buy C4D cmdline licenses to render on a 3rd-party (non-Maxon) farm.  These licenses are served by the MAXON license server.
    • If you already have a floating copy of C4D, you already own a license server.  
    • If you don't own a MAXON license server, you can buy one on a sliding scale.
    • To convert one or more stand-alone C4D interactive licenses to floats, you just buy the license server
      • 1-4 seats, $995
      • 5-10 seats, $495
      • 11+, it's free.

    For C4D R16 and earlier:

    • Command Line licenses were sold in bundles of 100 for $195.
    • Additional seats were possible. Pricing varied per region.

    For R17 and onwards:

    • Command Line pricing in general is $95 per node. However, pricing varies per region. Contact your local Maxon office or reseller for details.
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