The purpose of the job.conf is to describe to Qube the vital statistics about the Job Type, and where to find the auxiliary files for both submission and execution.
    The format of the job.conf file is:

    <comment>[topic]key = value

    The location of the job.conf file is inside the Job Type directory. For example, on Linux, the Maya job.conf file is found at


    Example job.conf file.

    detail = "Simple String Description"
    ## The specification of the file is always relative to
    # the job.conf's directory.
    ## You are also allowed to fork the implementation
    # specification by using the operating system specific
    # tags which automatically override the standard tag
    # as long as it is defined.
    [execute module]
    execute_binding = Perl
    execute_library =
    execute_binding_osx = Dylib
    execute_library_osx = file.dylib
    execute_binding_linux = Dso
    execute_library_linux = file.dso
    execute_binding_irix = Perl
    execute_library_irix =
    execute_binding_winnt = Dll
    execute_library_winnt = file.dll

    ## To specify the GUI submission
    [GUI module]
    GUI_submit_binding = Html
    GUI_submit_library = submit.html
    GUI_icon = icon.xpm

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