Installing job types under Qube is simple. Just copy the entire Job Type directory into the types directory under Qube's installation.

    • Windows:  C:\Program Files\qube\types
    • Linux:  /usr/local/pfx/qube/types
    • OS X:  /Applications/pfx/qube/types

    Because Qube is designed to be flexible, the administrator has the option to relocate the type's path, or include additional paths for Qube to search in. Our recommendation is for the administrator to locate the standard Qube job types and the site specific job types in different directories.

    To do this, the administrator must modify the qb.conf file. The tag to modify is the worker_template_path.

    Consult the Qube Administrator's Guide, Centralized Jobtypes for more information on setting up Worker configuration.




    In the above example, the administrator properly specified Qube's default types as well as included a network-mounted directory, which contains the studio's custom job types.
    Once this is done, job types may be installed in the site's Job Type directory, allowing developers and users to build job types without direct access to the installation directories.


    worker_template_path="C:/Program Files/qube/types;//server/share/site/qube/types"

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