A Qube job has a "kind" parameter; this is a string which can be set to any value the user desires.  

    It's mostly used to say "Only run one of this kind of a job on a worker at once".  This tells the queuing system to filter out all hosts which have this kind of job already running.

    When you submit a job, you can do this to keep only one of your job's kind on a host:

    WranglerView / ArtistView submission example:

    • set the job's kind to myKind (or any other value you want)
    • set the job's requirements to not(job.kind in host.duty)

    Command-line examples:

    qbsub  --kind myKind --requirements "not(job.kind in host.duty.kind)" ...

    The cool thing is you can do it with jobtypes as well: (only run 1 myCustomJobType job on a worker at once)

    qbsub --type myCustomJobType --requirements "not(host.duty.type has myCustomJobType)" ...

    API example:

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