This is only applicable to client and worker machines.

    Perform a standard installation for the supervisor

    Download the latest version of the installers either with the QubeInstaller application, or directly from 

    Copy the downloaded files in a directory on your shared storage (example: /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0)

    • If you have other network run software I would suggest retaining your naming convention 
    • A naming convention such as /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0 is a good method 
    • I find setting up symlinks such as /mnt/software/qube/qube_current to the currently extracted version /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0 is an effective method to easily roll out future versions/updates

    Change directories into /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0, then extract the RPM's

    Run below changing $REL$ for the correct rpm names

    • $ rpm2cpio qube-core$REL$.rpm | cpio -idmv
    • $ rpm2cpio qube-worker$REL$.rpm | cpio -idmv
    • $ rpm2cpio qubeGUI$REL$.rpm | cpio -idmv

    This will create a folder structure with usr/ in the current directory

    Descend into the extracted usr/local/pfx/qube/utils and run the installation scripts as root (or 'sudo')

    • cd usr/local/pfx/qube/utils
    • sudo ./install_client --prefix /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0/usr/local/pfx/qube
    • sudo ./install_worker --prefix /mnt/software/qube/6.5-0/usr/local/pfx/qube 

    You should see output like the following:

    [jburk@VM-CentOS-63-x86_64 utils]$ pwd

    [jburk@VM-CentOS-63-x86_64 utils]$ sudo ./install_client --prefix /home/jburk/qube/6.5/1/CENTOS-6.3-x86_64/unpack/usr/local/pfx/qube
    Installing client qb.conf
    old setting: qb_domain = qube

    [jburk@VM-CentOS-63-x86_64 utils]$ sudo ./install_worker --prefix /home/jburk/qube/6.5/1/CENTOS-6.3-x86_64/unpack/usr/local/pfx/qube
    Making directories...
    Installing db...
    journal: /var/spool/qube/worker.jnl
    [Sep 10, 2013 12:39:34] VM-CentOS-63-x86_64[3364]: detecting current storage state...
    [Sep 10, 2013 12:39:34] VM-CentOS-63-x86_64[3364]: current storage version: 8
    Installing worker init script...
    useradd: warning: the home directory already exists.
    Not copying any file from skel directory into it.
    Creating mailbox file: File exists
    Starting worker:
    Remember to configure the worker using its /etc/qb.conf file.

    [jburk@VM-CentOS-63-x86_64 utils]$

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