It is common to edit the default values of the SimpleCmd parameters to tailor them to your site. This can be done by opening up the associated .py file under simplecmds (SimpleCmds Location) and then adjusting the default= values for the options.

    1. Locate the simplecmds directory (SimpleCmds Location)
    2. Open the associated .py file in a text editor
    3. Adjust the default values of the options specified by add_option. For example, change

    cmdjob.add_option( 'message', 'string', 'Message to echo', default="Default message", required=True )

    to something like:

    cmdjob.add_option( 'message', 'string', 'Message to echo', default="MY NEW DEFAULT VALUE", required=True )

    4. Go to File > "Reload SimpleCmds" -or- Re-launch the QubeGUI

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