Step by step instructions for submitting Cinema4D jobs with Qube!


    Step 1 (First Time Only)

    Install the Qube! Submission UI into Cinema4D

    If you want the submission menu inside of Cinema4D (recommended) then install the InApp plugins via the QubeUI application as shown here. To do this, launch the QubeUI:

    • Windows: Double-click the color desktop icon
    • macOS: Find the color icon in Applications/pfx/qubeui and double-click on it

    Then navigate to the File menu, choose "Install App UI" and choose the Cinema4D (macOS) option. This will install the Cinema4d (macOS) submission UI only. You will need to do this on every workstation that you intend to submit Cinema jobs from.

    Step 2

    Once installed you should be able to locate the "Qube!" menu in Cinema4D's menu bar via Extensions -> User Scripts -> Qube_Submit -> Qube! Submit (macOS).

    AppFinder vs macOS vs Windows


    What's the difference?

    Qube! Submit (AppFinder) uses information from the worker to determine if it is running Windows or macOS, and then use the render executable specific to that platform.

    Qube! Submit (macOS) assumes the targeted workers are running macOS.

    Qube! Submit (Windows) assumes the targeted workers are running Windows.

    Step 3

    Ensure sections marked in red have the correct details.


    Step 4

    Click 'Submit'

    For further details on the submission UI see below.


    Job Submission Details



    Not all sections need to be filled in in order to render only the fields marked in red are required

    Parameters Specific to Cinema4d (macOS)


     Click here for details...

    In progress, check back soon.




     Click here for details...

    Other Args

    Location to add additional args to the command line. 












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