Verify Supervisor installation

    On the supervisor, start the Qube! US.  It should connect to the supervisor service and show the supervisor hostname and license count in the UI title bar:


    If you see 0 licenses you will need to install the licenses on the supervisor. See License Installation if you have a license key to install.

    Test the supervisor connectivity

    Use the Qube! UI Administration menu to test the supervisor's network connectivity from the worker machine:

    It should bring up a dialog:

    If you see this, your supervisor is up and running and responding to requests.

    Verify Worker installation:

    The simplest test possible is to submit a job that simply runs the "set" command, which does nothing but print out the operating system's environment variables.  You can see what it's expected to do by opening a cmd prompt on Windows or a Terminal on OS X and simply typing set and hitting <Enter>.

    Start the Qube! UI, and select the Submit->Tests->Test 'set' job menu item.


    Then, just click "Submit":


    Go to the Jobs Panel in the Qube! UI, and you should see the job in the list (it will be named "Qube Test 'set' Job").  After a short period of time you should see the job in a "Complete" state.

    Note that the ID of your job will be different from the screenshot above.


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