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    The newly written Qube! UI is out of Beta and is a full production ready, supported product included in the Qube! 7.5-0 installer.

    Check out the Qube UI User Guide for an in depth explanation of the functionality and introduction to the new features.


    ArtistView Deprecated


    ArtistView has been replaced by the new Qube! UI, so AV will no longer be included in any Qube! Installer package starting with version 7.5-0. 


    See this screenshot and several others of the new Qube! UI on our website.


    Highlights of the new Qube! UI included in version 7.5-0:

    • Real time push updates (no need to refresh)
    • Improved performance
    • New customizable, structured worker and job tree view
    • Improved centralized preferences
    • New Python console
    • User definable and preset themes (color schemes, buttons, etc.) (screenshot)
    • New panel plugin IDE with live updates (demo video)
    • New systemwide variables
    • New hot key launchable mini job view (check job status while using other apps)
    • View multiple job or worker lists simultaneously
    • Advanced text based filtering
    • Previewer can now playback sequences (screenshot)
    • While previewing change framerates, choose proxy, zoom, and pan
    • The new Previewer also supports all formats of OIIO with OCIO color management
    • Standard expression bookmarking of logs for easy log browsing
    • Dramatically increased scalability


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