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    Improvements to job submission preferences

    A more intuituive and cleaner looking user interface.

     Substantial internal improvements to the submission preferences system.

    Integrate OpenImageIO library directly into ArtistView

    Extended image format support for previews and thumbnails, including OpenEXR and HDR

    • bmp
    • cineon
    • dds
    • dpx
    • exr / openexr
    • fits
    • gif
    • hdr
    • ico
    • iff
    • jpeg
    • png
    • pnm
    • psd
    • rla
    • sgi
    • softimage
    • targa
    • tiff
    • zfile

    User permission administration from inside ArtistView

    Administrators can now manage users' Qube-level permissions from inside ArtistView

    Image Added

    Global resource usage visibility

    Image Added

    Added a --silent command-line option to submit

    Submit a job without displaying any dialogs.