Integrate OpenImageIO library directly into ArtistView

    Extended image format support for previews and thumbnails, including OpenEXR and HDR

    • bmp
    • cineon
    • dds
    • dpx
    • exr / openexr
    • fits
    • gif
    • hdr
    • ico
    • iff
    • jpeg
    • png
    • pnm
    • psd
    • rla
    • sgi
    • softimage
    • targa
    • tiff
    • zfile

    User permission administration from inside ArtistView

    Administrators can now manage users' Qube-level permissions from inside ArtistView

    Global resource usage visibility

    Improvements to job submission preferences

    A more intuitive and cleaner looking user interface.

    Substantial internal improvements to the submission preferences system.


    Added a --silent command-line option to submit


    Submit a job without displaying any dialogs.

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