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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-2


    New features 

    @NEW: add "Display Supervisor Configuration" menu item to WranglerView -> Admin menu

    @NEW: add cumulative time and "allocated slots" columns

    @NEW: unified Maya In-App installer, installs entire Maya->Qube menu, contains: maya, mayaBatch, appFinder, jobArchive submitters

    @NEW: In-App submitter for AppFinder MayaBatch

    @NEW: add support for job tags to performance charts

    @NEW: add support for new "Job Tags" feature; show, shot, seq, client, dept, and custom[1-5].

    @NEW: Add Maya, mental ray standalone, and SI 2014 support

    @NEW: add support for real-time log parsing and progess percentages to job instances for non-agenda-based jobtypes, currently only supported by python-based jobtypes

    @NEW: add 3ds Max 2014 support

    @NEW: add new supervisor_default_hostorder parameter to supervisor config dialog

    @NEW: label text for worker parameter widget changes colour to indicate a value which will be saved

    @NEW: provide support for worker-side OS-specific environment variables (pre-OS MAXWELL2_ROOT, etc)

    @NEW: add support for Maxwell's "resume rendering" option, implements checkpointing with the '-trytoresume' flag

    @NEW: additional info added to log highlights regular expressions, showing number of threads, sampling level reached, target SL

    @NEW: added "TIF Alpha" option to 3dsmax submission.

    @NEW: add cross-platform support to Maxwell Coop rendering, can use worker_path_map to find maxwell/mximerge executables

    @NEW: add column to jobList and Frames tab to display total images rendered; total includes mulitple layers per frame

    @NEW: adding Maxwell Cooperative Rendering support.

    @NEW: adding mximerge (Maxwell) simpleCmd submission interface.

    @NEW: added "Submit Job per Layer" to Maya->Qube menu which allows each render layer to be submitted as an individual job, with its own frame range, etc.

    @NEW: a new interface for configuring multiple workers and writing out the qbwrk.conf


    @FIX: properly support worker_path_map and worker_drive_map in new qbwrk.conf configuration dialog

    @FIX: properly indicate when the value for a given parameter varies between workers, even if it's not defined for a worker but defined for others

    @FIX: support greater than 5 mapping definitions for worker_path_map and worker_drive_map

    @FIX: add "convert_path" flag to client_ and supervisor_job_flags control

    @FIX: default value in config UI for worker_max_threads was 8, now 256

    @FIX: "Confgure on Supervisor" worker menu item is only enabled if user has the qube "admin" privilege AND is on the supervisor

    Changes in behavior

    @CHANGE: use pyCmdrange/pyCmdline jobtypes now for real-time log parsing, provides feedback in log highlights tab for SL reached while job is running

    @CHANGE: don't auto-kill the mxiMerge job when the render is killed

    @CHANGE: don't auto-populate the mxiMerge executable value, have user set in the defaults (necessary for cross-platform)

    @CHANGE: always use -node and -idcpu args to the render, add callbacks to kill merge if render is killed

    @CHANGE: changed worker journal filename to "worker.jnl" from "worker6.jnl" to reflect change in the worker

    @COSMETIC: group commonly-used Maxwell render controls together at top of submission UI (coop, resume, sampling, time)

    @COSMETIC: all checkbox lists from "Choices" buttons are now sorted alphabetically