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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-2


    New features 

    @NEW: resubmission can optionally not raise a window for each job

    @NEW: "Maya --> Qube --> Submit Maya Render Job per layer" is now offered an
    "auto-submit subsequent jobs"checkBox below the Submit button in each
    submission UI when more than 1 layer is present in the scene. Checking this
    box will supress the display of all following jobs for the submission list, and
    can be checked at any point in the submission cycle.

    @NEW: provide help dialogs for job, running instances, and worker search

    @NEW: qube executable's argument --submitDict can now be supplied multiple
    times to allow for the submission of multiple jobs in one pass. All jobs
    submitted belong to the pgrp of the first job.

    @NEW: add 'memusage' column to the running instances view

    @NEW: add "auto-submit MXI merge job" option to Maxwell render submission UI,
    suppresses display of MXI merge job UI

    @NEW: for Maya "job per layer" submissions, if a layer specifies renderable
    cameras, automatically fill in the "cameras" box ZD: 10123

    @NEW: add 'worker_boot_delay' parameter to worker config dialog, not present in
    "configure on supervisor" dialog due to it's being a "bootstrap" parameter that
    can not be applied via the central worker config file

    @NEW: add internal path translation to pyNuke jobtypes, allows for path
    translation to happen at the time the job runs on the worker.

    @NEW: add a "running instance" count to the "Farm Usage" message printed in the
    upper-right of the WV interface.


    @FIX: WranglerView won't start on 32-bit Fedora-8: AttributeError: 'MenuItem'
    object has no attribute 'GetItemLabelText'

    @FIX: properly resubmit pgrp, value needs to be cast as a string

    @FIX: remove QB_CONVERT_PATH from outputPath entries

    @FIX: remove QB_CONVERT_PATH from re-submitted jobs

    @FIX: unable to save external prefs file: KeyError: 'studioDefaultsPrefsFile'

    @FIX: right side of controls hidden behind vertical scroll bar on Windows and
    linux; exhibits in all submission UI's in expert mode, and Maya and some others
    at all times.

    @FIX: skip render layers defined in referenced scenes. ZD: 10010

    @FIX: at startup with user filter enabled, don't show other users running jobs

    @FIX: performance improvement for Performance Charts; avoid unnecessary INNER
    JOIN operation when querying time-based tables, only do it when selecting "all
    dates" or "custom" time frame.

    @FIX: date range selector pull-down does not update other chart tabs when 'Use
    the same date range' is checked and 'Custom' date range is selected

    @FIX: 'retry failed frames' can crash requestQueue when no instances to retry

    @FIX: update workerList and bannedHost tab when a worker is remove via the
    worker context menu

    @FIX: AE submissions don't respect the renderQueue item's renderSettings'
    "custom" frame range values

    @FIX:Allow spaces in Maxwell folder/file names.

    @FIX: worker_drive_map and worker_path_map not correctly saved via "Configure
    local host", format to match API updatelocalconfig expectations

    @FIX: C4D AppUI install missing .tif files, pyHoudini AppUI missing .otl

    @FIX: mysql database repair loops indefintely when a brute-force 'use-frm'
    table repair fails

    Changes in behavior

    @CHANGE: Windows-only: DesktopWorker is now stopped/started by a system tray
    "workertray.exe" utility, and does not run in a cmd prompt. WV Admin worker
    start/stop menu items now manage the workertray utility, which starts the
    worker indirectly

    @CHANGE: remove dependencies between Windows MSI installers, any qube component
    can be installed or uninstalled independent of the others

    @CHANGE: only enable job/instance/frame context menu items if they're valid
    operations based on the job/instance/frame status and the user has the
    necessary permissions to perform the operation; disable "blocked" for blocked,
    failed, killed, complete jobs, only enable "unblocked" for blocked jobs, etc.

    @CHANGE: automatically set the job's requirement if a job 'kind' is specified

    @COSMETIC: show the job 'kind' in the main job properties tab if present

    @CHANGE: mentalray verbosity now defaults to 5 (Progress & Info), instead of no
    default value