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    Parameters Specific to After Effects


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    CS Version
    Select version numbers to make an educated guess at where aerender is found on the remote worker. Use the spinners to enter the required version of After effects.

    Creative Cloud
    Check the box if you are using a Creative Cloud version of After Effects.

    Use CC Year
    Check the box if your Creative Cloud software is versioned by year, eg, Creative Cloud 2014.

    CC Year
    The year (version) of Creative Cloud After Effects to use. This only has meaning if the "Use CC Year" box is checked.

    Generally, this can be left alone. For AppFinder (top) version, this will tell Qube! to look for After Effects on the Worker. For the non-AppFinder (bottom) version, this is the explicit path to the executable. Note that in this case, it will be OS-dependent and won't work for jobs submitted between OS X and Windows.

    Project File
    Path to the After Effects project (required).

    Note: After Effects requires that all plugins and fonts be installed and licensed on each Worker.

    Important: Best practice is to ensure the project file and all of its dependent files such as textures are on network storage accessible by the workers.