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    Qube! Requirements Checklist


    If you are having installation or usage problems, make sure these items are present:

    • All computers with OS installed, licensed, and networked.
    • Hostname resolution (DNS) working properly on all computers.
    • Authentication infrastructure installed and working:
      • NIS / YP / LDAP for Linux
      • OpenDirectory for OS X
      • ActiveDirectory for Windows
    • Network filesystem reachable by Client and Worker machines. Alternatively if no authentication infrastructure is in place please ensure open read and write privileges are set.
    • All applications (Maya, AfterEffects, etc) already installed on the clients and workers and licensed.
    • Python and Perl are installed if using separate jobtypes. You can obtain installers for those languages here: and See this page for details.
    • All necessary Qube! installers already downloaded and on a filesystem accessible by all machines.
    • If a network account is to be used for the proxy user account, this account should already have been created and granted permission to the shared file system.
    • Current Qube! Supervisor license issued for the correct MAC address.

    Supervisor Specifications

    Below is a recommendation of minimum specifications for optimal operation of Qube! Supervisor.

    < 10 workers
    10 - 30 workers30 - 150 workers150 - 250 workers
    • 4-core
    • 4GB of ram
    10 ->30 workers:
    • 8-core
    • 8GB RAM

    30 -> 150 workers:

    • 12-core
    • 8GB RAM minimum,
      12GB recommended

    150 -> 250 workers:

    • 16-core
    • 12 GB RAM minimum,

    Please note that beyond 30 render nodes you will need to alter qb.conf to optimize performance

    Installation in a nutshell

    • Install the following components on the supervisor machine first in the following order:
      • Qube! core
      • Qube! supervisor
      • On Windows
        • ActiveState Python version; 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7
        • ActiveState Perl version; 5.10 or 5.14
      • Qube! WranglerView
    • Install at least one worker machine:
      • Qube! core
      • Qube! worker
      • On Windows
        • ActiveState Python version; 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7
        • ActiveState Perl version; 5.10 or 5.14
      • (optional) any DynamicAllocation jobtypes; Maya, 3dsMax, XSI, etc.
      • Qube! WranglerView
    • Client machines:
      • Qube! core
      • Qube! ArtistView for a simplified job management interface
      • Or, Qube WranglerView (also know as the QubeGUI) for a more powerful job and worker management interface

    For further customizations please refer to the User's Guide and the Administrator's Guide.

    This belongs in the Admin section under "manual installs"