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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-0


    1. login to your Supervisor
    2. open a Terminal window
    3. run the following command
    "$QBDIR/utils/upgrade_supervisor" -reset



    WARNING: Performing these operations will discard ALL DATA from the entire PostgreSQL DB!


    Basically, you will need to:

    1. stop the supervisor service
    2. run the script with the "–reset" option. The script is found in $QBDIR/utils/pgsql/, where $QBDIR is:
      1. Linux: /usr/local/pfx/qube
      2. Mac: /Applications/pfx/qube
      3. Windows: C:\Program Files\pfx\qube


    1. start the supervisor service

    Again, this wipes all existing data, so make sure that's what you really want.



    Open a terminal window as root, then:


    Code Block
    service supervisor stop



    You may need to restart the Supervisor as well

    OS X:

    sudo SystemStarter stop supervisor
    sudo SystemStarter start supervisor


    sc stop qubesupervisor
    sc start qubesupervisor 

    (or use the Services control panel)


    sudo /etc/init.d/supervisor restart


    /utils/pgsql/ --reset
    service supervisor start


    Open a terminal window, then:


    Code Block
    sudo launchctl stop com.pipelinefx.supervisor 
    /Applications/pfx/qube/utils/pgsql/ --reset
    sudo launchctl start com.pipelinefx.supervisor



    Open a command prompt, then:


    Code Block
    net stop qubesupervisor
    "C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\utils\pgsql\" --reset
    net start qubesupervisor