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    Client-side path translation is similar to worker-side path translation in that it does a simple find and replace on paths in the submission dialog.  Unlike worker-side path translation, client-side path translation happens when the job is submitting, which means you must submit from one OS and render on the same other OS - you cannot render on multiple OSs like you can work worker-side path translation.

     ClientClient-side path translation is configured in the GUI's "Path Translation Map" section in the preferences.

    For detailed instructions, see On-submission Path Translation 

    To centrally manage client-side path translation, see see the section on "Studio - wide preferenes" in WV Preferences and Defaults

    AppFinder jobs

    The last topic for cross-platofrm rendering is the path to the application itself.  Maya, for example, may be in either /Applications/Autodesk/maya<ver>/, C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya<ver>, or /usr/autodesk/maya<ver>, or some other custom location based on the operating system.