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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-0

    Our installer assumes a new installation of MySQL, so it should probably have only the default users and passwords; that way, we can add our own access. We leave the root password blankThe supervisor installer installs its own copy of PostgreSQL, running on a non-standard port 50055, and creates and uses the user "qube" to access the database named "pfx". The "qube" user is the owner of the "pfx" database.

    (An OS user "pfx" is also created by the installer, who owns the data files and runs the server processes.)

    The password to the "qube" user is left blank by default, but you can set it if you wish.You can desire. Refer to the PostgreSQL reference on pg_hba.conf file and ALTER ROLE:

    Once PostgreSQL is configured to use password authentication, you need to configure the Supervisor by editing its qb.conf to set an alternate user and the password, with the following variablesparameter: