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    Set (or add to) the worker_properties value to make a dedicated worker:

    worker_properties = "host.dedicated=1"

    ...or a non-dedicated worker:

    worker_properties = "host.dedicated=0"

    Via the central qbwrk.conf:

    In the [default] section of the qbwrk.conf make all workers non-dedicated:

    worker_properties = "host.dedicated=0"

    ...then, in whatever section of the qbwrk.conf you define the dedicated machines, (or in each dedicated machine's block in the qbwrk.conf), you would set:

    worker_properties = "host.dedicated=1"


    Then, all your jobs would need to have their "hostorder" value set to "host.dedicated", which will result in workers with "host.dedicated=1" receiving jobs before the non-dedicated machines.