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    Stop the worker service and disable it from auto-starting

    While logged in as an admin-equivalent user (or in Windows, start the GUI as "Run as Administrator"), run 

    • QubeGUI-->Admin->Worker-->Stop


    • QubeGUI-->Admin-->Autostart Worker-->Disable

    Verify that the Admin menu items have updated to show the worker as stopped and will not autostart.

    Start the worker as the desktop user

    Log in as the user who will run the worker process, the existing proxy user will serve.  

    (The default proxy user is qubeproxy, the password is Pip3lin3P@$$wd )

    • QubeGUI-->Admin-->Worker-->Start as the Desktop User.

    Set the Desktop User mode worker to auto-start when this user logs in

    • QubeGUI-->Admin-->Autostart Worker-->Enable Desktop Worker (on user login)

    OS X: This will also create a ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.pipelinefx.DesktopWorker.plist file.

    Windows: This will create a "DesktopWorker" shortcut in Start-Programs-->userName-->Startup.

    titleWindows only - avoid crashing the worker / proxy process

    Desktop Worker mode on Windows versions Vista and later also requires that all jobs have the disable_windows_job_object job flag set, otherwise the proxy.exe process may crash when a job is started on the worker.

    On the supervisor, add this flag to the supervisor_job_flags to enable this on a global scale. The easiest way to do this is with QubeGUI->Admin->Configure from the supervisor.

    Symptoms of a crashed proxy process is the worker is shown as running the job, but the job never actually gets marked as 'running'