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    Below is a brief description of a few commonly used properties to 
    setup to set up the global qbwrk.conf which is distributed to workers with the

    "$ qbadmin w --reconfigure"

    additional Additional reading can be found at


    For this example the studio will be split into hosts based on there
    role IEtheir role i.e.:

    • 3d , 2d & Workstation 3d hosts will be named render3d01 - 10 
    • 2d hosts will be named render2d01 - 10
    • workstation machines (for setups which use artists workstations for rendering) workstation01 -10


    Warning template name [default] is reserved for assignment to all

    Copy below and alter for your environment


    "[Farm]" is the name of the template that can be used to assign the
    following properties. you can set as many of these as you see fit

    "proxy_execution_mode" is property to set how Qube! executes in your
    environment "User" means the submitting user's network credentials and
    permissions will be used
    *additional reading

    "worker_properties" is for assigning global resources such as licenses
    global resources are set in qb.conf
    *additional reading

    "worker_cpus" is a property to hard set the amount of cpu's on the
    worker *if left commented worker default cpu's are calculated*


    Below is an exapmle of how to assign the above template to a list of
    worker hosts

    Copy below and alter for your environment


    Use the below example to assign clusters to your workers note the
    examples of submitting jobs from the cmd line.
    Clusters can also be assigned using the template method above
    additional reading :


    submit a job that will run only in /farm:

     "qbsub -cluster /farm -restriction /farm"


    "qbsub -cluster /farm/nuke/workstations -restriction '/farm or /farm/+' hostname"