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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.5-0

    The simplest test possible is to submit a job that simply runs the "set" command, which does nothing but print out the operating system's environment variables.  You can see what it's expected to do by opening a cmd prompt on Windows or a Terminal on OS X and simply typing set and hitting <Enter>.

    Start the WranglerViewQube! UI, and find select the Test->Qube Test (Set) jobImage RemovedSubmit->Tests->Test 'set' job menu item.
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    Then, just click "Submit":
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    Go to the Job view Jobs Panel in the WranglerViewQube! UI, and select you should see the job in the list (it will be named "Qube Test ('set) job' Job").  Click the "Refresh" button, and  After a short period of time you should see the job in a "Complete" state.

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    Note that the ID of your job will be different from the screenshot above.