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    Use this example to ensure the correct permissions are set on the network storage (this will ensure that other jobtypes will be successful in writing the output to the required locations). If the Write Job fails, see the Troubleshooting section down the page.

    1. Select Submit > Tests > Qube Test (file Write) Job…

    2. Browse to a network location that the farm has mounted and create a file called "test.txt"

    3. Select the hosts in which Qube! Worker is installed
    4. Click Submit
    5. This should create a job in the "Job Layout Pane" see section 9 for further details


    •  Check that your storage has open permissions for the "qubeproxy" account

    •  Check that the permissions are set to "chmod 777" for testing purposes

    •  Run the command (OS X & Linux)"touch $network location$/test.txt"

    •  (Windows) Browse to the network location and right click > New > Notepad Document

    •  Hints on failures can also be found in the4 "Stderr" tab. See this page for further details.