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    The Job Type is one of the most powerful aspects of the Qube Remote Control system. With a Job Type, a developer can separate the application functionality into an interface and an underlying implementation. The interface is the "front end" that registers a job with Qube™. The implementation is the "back end" that is actually run by Qube. In order to implement either the front end or the back end, some background in the Qube API is necessary. At its simplest, the front end needs to determine the parameters of the job and the work agenda, and then register a job submission. The back end must acquire the job parameters, and receive its agenda items from the Supervisor frame server. The API provides function calls in a number of languages to perform these tasks. Currently, the Qube API supports C++, Perl, Python, and MEL.

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    Job Type Documentation

    Jobtype documentation is generated dynamically in the Wrangler View UI under Help->Qube Jobtypes for the jobtype submission dialogs loaded on that client machine. It describes installation, usage, notes, and any issues with each jobtype.