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    Having the Qube! commands available in the path from the command-line can be useful. Here is what is needed to set this up:

    • Linux (~/.cshrc/ or ~/.,tcshrc):
            1. setenv QBDIR /usr/local/pfx/qube
            2. set path = ($path $QBDIR/bin $QBDIR/sbin)
    • Linux (~/.bashrc):
            1. export QBDIR=/usr/local/pfx/qube
            2. export PATH=$PATH:$QBDIR/bin:$QBDIR/sbin
    • OS X (~/.bashrc):
            1. export QBDIR=/Applications/pfx/qube
            2. export PATH=$PATH:$QBDIR/bin:$QBDIR/sbin

    • Windows:   The .msi automatically adds the C:\Program Files\qube\bin to the PATH.