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    Next, we will submit a job with frames, or, in Qube!-speak, "agenda items".Follow the

    Code Block


    Code Block
    # As in the last example, we will need the os, sys, and qb modules:
    import os, sys
        import qb
    except ImportError:
        if os.environ.get("QBDIR"):
            qbdir_api = os.path.join(os.environ.get("QBDIR"),"api","python")
        for api_path in (qbdir_api,
                         "C:\\Program Files\\pfx\\qube\\api\\python",
                         "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\pfx\\qube\\api\\python"):
            if api_path not in sys.path and os.path.exists(api_path):
                    import qb
        # this should throw an exception if we've exhuasted all other possibilities
        import qb
    def main():
    	# The parameters here are the same as before, with exceptions noted
        job = {}
        job['name'] = 'python test job - echo the frame number'
    	# This time, we will request 4 instances (previously known as subjobs).
    	# By requesting 4 instances, assuming there are 4 open slots on the farm,
    	# up to 4 agenda items will be processed simultaneously.  
        job['cpus'] = 4
    	# In the last example, we used the prototype 'cmdline' which implied a single
    	# command being run on the farm.  This time, we will use the 'cmdrange' prototype
    	# which tells Qube that we are running a command per agenda item.
        job['prototype'] = 'cmdrange'
        package = {}
    	# Just like the last example, we create a package parameter called 'cmdline'.
    	# This is the command that will be run for every agenda item.  QB_FRAME_NUMBER,
    	# however, is unique to cmdrange.  The text QB_FRAME_NUMBER will be replaced with
    	# the actual frame number at run time.
        package['cmdline'] = 'echo QB_FRAME_NUMBER'
        job['package'] = package
    	# Now we must create our agenda list.  This is an absolutely essential part of 
    	# submitting jobs with agenda items (i.e. frames).
    	# First we define a range.  The range is in typical number range format where:
    	#  1-5 means frames 1,2,3,4,5
    	#  1,3,5 means frames 1,3, and 5
    	#  1-5,7 means frames 1,2,3,4,5,7
    	#  1-10x3 means frames 1,4,7,10
        agendaRange = '0-60x10'  # will evaluate to 0,10,20,30,40,50,60
    	# Using the given range, we will create an agenda list using qb.genframes
        agenda = qb.genframes(agendaRange)
    	# Now that we have a properly formatted agenda, assign it to the job
        job['agenda'] = agenda
    	# As before, we create a list of 1 job, then submit the list.  Again, we
    	# could submit just the single job w/o the list, but submitting a list is
    	# good form.
        listOfJobsToSubmit = []
        listOfSubmittedJobs = qb.submit(listOfJobsToSubmit)
        for job in listOfSubmittedJobs:
            print job['id']
    if __name__ == "__main__":


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