New features 

    ==== CL 13884 ====
    @NEW: add jobList column to show instance count high-water mark, label it "Instances"

    ==== CL 13869 ====
    @NEW: add support for new 'registering' status to WranglerView

    ==== CL 13866 ====
    @NEW: context menus in user permission layout are now aware of group permissions

    ==== CL 13852 ====
    @NEW: add ability to hide 'Running Instances' tab, suppresses the fetching of
    job detail data for all running jobs.

    ==== CL 13835 ====
    @NEW: size of the logs fetched is limited by a WranglerView preference, if log exceeds this size, head & tail are
    returned with the middle portion snipped out. Defaults to 1MB which seems small at first glance, but that's usually
    over 10,000 lines

    @NEW: show total job log size (disk space in use for logs) in WranglerView

    ==== CL 13818 ====
    @NEW: add 3dsMax 2016 support to WranglerView

    ==== CL 13815 ====
    @NEW: add Maya 2016 support to WranglerView

    ==== CL 13665 ====
    @NEW: add environment widget to modification dialog

    ==== CL 13656 ====
    @NEW: add an easy way to set a job to only run on 'empty' hosts

    ==== CL 13224 ====
    @NEW: add ability for user to add up to 3 attribute-specific searchFilter widgets to job and worker views

    ==== CL 13066 ====
    @NEW: Add SketchUp batch-render integration as an AppFinder job

    ==== CL 13064 ====
    @NEW: add a FloatRangeValidator class

    ==== CL 13062 ====
    @NEW: SpinCtrlDialog: a dialog that prompts the user to select an integer value from a spinCtrl. Supports min & max,
    max is optional.


    ==== CL 13890 ====
    @FIX: performance speedup: don't update the 'running instances' internal data map if the view isn't show

    @FIX: performance speedup: only get new values for job and host "filter widgets" when cache is cleared or prefs have

    ==== CL 13876 ====
    @FIX: Metajob panel shows ET of 5000+ days when at least on job in the pgrp has never started

    ==== CL 13874 ====
    @FIX: "NameError: global name 'resultingJob' is not defined" when blocking a non-agenda-based job in the jobList

    ==== CL 13702 ====
    @FIX: WV always modifies jobs, even if no values have changed due to thinking that 'max_cpus' value has always changed

    ==== CL 13060 ====
    @FIX: double-quote any paths wrapped in QB_CONVERT_PATH if the path contains spaces.

    Changes in behavior 

    ==== CL 13884 ====
    @CHANGE: rename jobList "Instances" column (which shows the count for running/primary) to 'Running'

    ==== CL 13835 ====
    @CHANGE: when the job is selected in the jobList, only show the logs for the first job instance (instance 0)

    ==== CL 13735 ====
    @CHANGE: V-Ray DBR jobs in 3dsMax can now start immediately, hosts can join in as they become available

    ==== CL 13064 ====
    @CHANGE: IntRangeValidator "max" value is now optional

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