PostgreSQL Database

    Qube 7.0 replaces the MySQL database of previous versions with a new PostgreSQL database.

    Existing job data can be migrated


    Customers can transfer their job data from MySQL to PostgreSQL with our database export/import tools.  Please refer to that documentation as part of planning your upgrade to Qube 7.

    Easier Metered Licensing

    Qube! 7.0 allows Metered Licensing (ML) with just a valid, unexpired supe license.  The previous minimum of one active Worker license is no longer required.

    CentOS-7.5 added to the list of supported operating systems

    Qube is now fully supported on CentOS-7.5 as of v7.0-1.

    Perl Version Support on Windows

    Qube! 7.0 support has been updated on Windows to support both legacy versions and the current version available at the time from ActiveState.

    Current version: 5.26

    Support for Perl v5.26 is built against the latest version of the Qube Perl API, and will contain any and all new features going forward

    Legacy versions: 5.14 & 5.16


    Support for legacy versions of Perl are built against the Qube 6.10 Perl API, and will eventually diverge from the latest version of the Qube Perl API as new features are added to the current version.

    Unreal Sequencer Support

    Unreal Sequencer renders can now be dispatched from within WranglerView and ArtistView.

    KeyShot Renderer Support

    Available only in ArtistView, Qube! adds a KeyShot commandline render script for batch rendering




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