What's new in Qube 6.8 Jobtypes

    Autodesk VRED Sequencer

    The new VRED jobtype is based on the Sequencer functionality in VRED; if you can describe your task or workflow in the Sequencer, Qube can run one, several, or all of the VRED sequences described in the scene's Sequencer.

    This jobtype is a "Load Once" jobtype, where a copy of VRED is started up and then python commands are sent to the running copy of VRED.  The VRED scene is only loaded once at job startup on each Qube worker, and then one or more tasks are performed by each copy of VRED.  The scene is unloaded and VRED exits only when the entire job is complete.

    Support is provided for VRED Sequences that render both still frames and animation frame ranges.

    Submission is performed from inside VRED; the older HTML submission interface has been retired.

    VRED Screen Shots



    VRED Tutorial Videos




    ToonBoom Harmony Support

    Submit from inside Harmony Premium directly to your Qube farm.  The submission window is already filled in with the scene settings.

    Supports both Harmony Standalone and Harmony Network (Toonboom database server required)

    Harmony Screen Shots



    Harmony Tutorial Videos





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