Job log size

    The total file size of the job's log(s) can now be displayed as a column in ArtistView.  This data is available on-demand - for performance reasons, it is displayed only when you click on a job.

    "Registering" jobs

    When large number of jobs are submitted, they are put into a submit queue to improve supervisor performance.  While these jobs are processing, ArtistView will display their status as "Registering."

    "Filter jobs by pgrp" plugin and associated ability to set the search field from a menu plugin

    The "Filter jobs with this Pgrp" menu plugin will perform a search that only shows jobs with a matching pgrp.  This plugin serves as a usable demonstration of new feature of menu plugins: you can set the search field and perform a search from the plugin, itself.

    For developers, performing a search from a plugin is accomplished by creating a function in your plugin class called "updateUI".  That function returns a dictionary of UI elements to be updated.  For example, returning {“search_jobs”:”search string”} from updateUI would enter "search string" into the job's search widget and perform a search.

    Job Internals Tab

    New Job Internals tab offers WranglerView-levels of information on this job.

    Preference for applying action to child jobs

    When performing an action on a pgrp leader, ArtistView can perform those same actions on child jobs.  This preference allows you to set that behavior without having to answer a question every time you take action on the leader.

    Modify a job's environment after the job is submitted

    The job modify dialog now presents an option to add, remove, or modify environment variables of a job after it has been submitted.  Note: Any instances already running before the modifications were made will need to be interrupted (restarted) before the changes take effect.

    Performance improvements

    • Performance of search filters (i.e. running, complete, failed, killed filter button at the top of the job list) has been dramatically improved
    • Performance of refresh has been improved
    • Stability/accuracy improved when direct SQL access to supervisor is not available
    • Accuracy/performance of job log data has been improved
    • General UI stability improvements


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