Release 2.0

    • Self-update & relaunch – the installer now knows when it’s out of date.
    • Http rather than ftp downloads – for those secure facilities that block all inbound/outbound ftp.
    • Use a kickstart file in the GUI.
    • “Download Only” option can download Qube software for any/all OS(s) from one computer.
    • Worker mode selection (service mode or desktop-user mode) during install.
    • Worker mode will be stored in kickstart file so all subsequent installs will start the same way w/o any additional configuration.
    • Notification of and the ability to update using a newer manifest file if the copy in the PFX Internet repository is newer than the local copy.
    • The user who installs the supervisor will automatically become a Qube administrator.

    2.0 Known Incompatibilities:


    Versions 2.0 and 2.1 will only work for Qube! versions earlier than 6.9-0. If you want to download and install the 6.9-0 release of Qube!, you will need to upgrade to Installer Version 3.0.

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