Maya 6.7-0 Jobtype

    This release is designed to work with Qube! version 6.7-x.

    ==== CL 13889 ====
    @FIX: excutable search was partially broken, not searching in all relevant directories.

    ZD: QUBE-839

    ==== CL 13817 ====
    @NEW: add Maya 2016 support to loadOnce "maya" jobtype

    ==== CL 13783 ====
    @NEW: add support for QB_VRAY_INSTALL_ROOT environment variable, which can be specified to allow the v-ray DR slave job instances to find the vray.exe program installed in a non-standard location.

    ZD 13000

    ==== CL 13360 ====
    @FIX: support 'use all cores' for Maya LoadOnce mentalray renders
    @CHANGE: expose 'use all cores' widget in maya submission UI

    ==== CL 13344 ====
    @FIX: mentalray for maya 2012 and later only supports 4 slaves
    @CHANGE: selecting mentalray DBR sets upper limit on job.cpus, sets instance count to max.

    ==== CL 13110 ====
    @FIX: fixed sceneMayaVersion() routine to correctly parse Maya ASCII (.ma) files for the required maya version.


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