3ds Max 6.7-1 Jobtype

    ==== CL 14588 ====
    @NEW: 3dsMax V-Ray DBR jobs can display the V-Ray frame buffer on the submitting machine to allow the end-user to easily monitor DBR render in progress

    ==== CL 14561 ====
    @NEW: add ability to not render on master for 3dsMax V-Ray DBR

    ==== CL 14510 ====
    @CHANGE: 3dsMax V-Ray DBR jobs can now start once all satellite instances are running, or the master node will "collect" satellite nodes for a set period of time and then start with less than the full complement; unstarted instances are immediately set to "complete" since they won't be able to contribute once the master has started the render
    @NEW: add callbacks that kill or fail all instances as soon as the master running on instance 0 is killed or failed

    ==== CL 14256 ====
    @FIX: tweak the args to Win32::Process to properly pass the -port argument to vrayspawner

    ==== CL 14240 ====
    @FIX: a few issues causing Vray DR jobs from running properly.

    * VRay.ms: properly escape spaces and backslashes in file path args to "renameFile" via gQube.util.executeCommand.

    * VRay.ms: add missing parens to invocation of prepareDistributedRender()

    * VRay.ms: fixed typo "rawFielName" in prepareRawFile(), which was causing error: Unknown property: "count" in undefined

    * qbUtilStruct.ms: fixed type "optinos" in myAssert

    * utils.pm: made sure to use DOS line ending, CRLF, or "\r\n", when creating the vray_dr.cfg file in createVRayDR_CFG_File()

    ==== CL 14212 ====
    @FIX: added workaround to a newly introduced bug in 3ds max 2016 maxscript, when writing to a dotnet named pipe stream.

    This was causing false negatives during output file check in the jobtype,
    causing frames to fail when they're actually fine.

    ==== CL 14174 ====
    @FIX: fix issue where jobs will fail on some systems, complainging about a missing folder "C:\qbDebug", or being unable to write to a text file inside it.


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