3ds Max 6.7-0 Jobtype

    This release is designed to work with Qube! version 6.7-x.

    There were a number of internal changes in this version to improve stability
    and ease future enhancements.

    Please note that we have dropped support for earlier versions of 3ds Max. Now
    the supported versions are 3ds Max 2010 and above. The "legacy mode" has also
    been discontinued, accordingly.

    ==== CL 13849 ====
    @NEW: add support for 3ds Max 2016 and 3ds Max Design 2016

    JIRA: QUBE-792

    ==== CL 13735 ====
    @CHANGE: V-Ray DBR jobs in 3dsMax can now start immediately, hosts can join in as they become available

    ==== CL 13733 ====
    @CHANGE: 3dsmax job.conf jobtype version to 6.7-0. Also removed legacy parameters.

    ==== CL 13243 ====
    @FIX: a few key bug fixes to the 3dsmax jobtype

    @FIX: translate forward-slashes to backslashes in the path to
    maxscriptServer.ms, which was causing UNC paths to break (for centralizing
    the jobtype)

    @FIX: force-load dotNet's "System.Core" module to avoid random failure of
    creating the named pipe

    @FIX: rename "renderJob" maxscript struct to "qbRenderJob" to avoid name
    clashes with custom/3rd-party code.

    ZD: 12587
    JIRA: QUBE-644, QUBE-650, QUBE-651

    @FIX: issue with the perl-side buffer-reading code, where it would
    incorrectly disconnect and die if the read-buffer contained data size
    divisible by 512 bytes.

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