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    The Qube Data Relay Agent performs two functions:

    It acts as a relay for all data sent by the PFX system metrics collectors
    running on a Qube supervisor. Since the DRA does not have to run on the
    supervisor, it may be installed on a DMZ host to support sites where the
    supervisor cannot access the internet directly.

    While acting as a relay, it listens passively to a network port, and will
    relay the payloads it receives from the collectors to the ingest service
    running at


    It replaces the Metered License Agent (MLA) introduced in Qube 6.9, which
    reported to the Metered License System (MLS). The MLA functionality was
    subsumed by the DRA to reduce the number of installed components.

    While acting as the MLA, it pings the supervisor every 60 seconds for
    worker license usage, and reports the results every 15 minutes. There are
    additional steps necessary to enable the MLS functionality, plrease refer
    to the MLS and DRA documentation.


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