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    Highlighted 7.0 Changes


    This release contains no major new features.

    There is no direct database access in Qube 7.0 onwards

    Due to the upcoming "Secure View" features in Qube, direct database access is no longer supported for security reasons. All access will be via the Supervisor so that security policies can be applied.

    Since database access is unavailable from any host except the supervisor, the following has been removed from WranglerView:

    • Administration->Database Maintenance menus have been removed. Database maintenance functionality will initially be provided via cmdline utilities, we are investigating integrating this into a supervisor-only UI.
    • The "memory usage" stats are no longer available. This was a statistic which was only available on linux workers and necessitated the installation of an additional data collector on all workers.
    • The "Performance Charts" are no longer available. These are being moved to the online system metrics system available on our online portal, and will be available in an upcoming version of Qube 7.
    • The "Banned Hosts" management tab is now unavailable. This was populated by a SQL query, conversion to an API query is in progress, and when this is complete this functionality will be restored.