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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-2

    Faster Batch Job Submission

    Deferred creation of table data during bulk job submission to dramatically increase the speed of launching renders.

    In order to speed up the ingest of jobs during batch submission, the creation of the per-job tables can optionally be delayed until after the ingest of the job batch is complete.  This results in a faster response to a large submission operation.  Jobs that have been submitted but do not yet have their full complement of tables are in a new "registering" state.

    Job run-time environment modification

    The ability to modify your job environment variables after the job has been submitted.

    The ability to modify a job's package data has been implemented in the python API, in WranglerView, and in ArtistView.

    3dsMax Vray DBR (Distributed Bucket Rendering) renders can start immediately and add additional hosts to the master/satellite cluster after the job starts.

    This change has several benefits:

    • In previous versions of Qube, a 3dsMax V-Ray DBR job would have to wait until all instances had started up before the render would commence.  Now the render can start immediately and workers can join in as they become available.  
    • All hosts in the farm can be considered as viable dispatch candidates for the job.
    • Multiple V-Ray DBR jobs can run on the farm concurrently with no risk of collision

    Full OS X Yosemite (10.10) support

    We now support the client, worker, and supervisor on OS X 10.10.